Diana Chang Blanc

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INTRODUCTION In recent years, the country of Mongolia (population 2.8 million) has experienced rapid social changes associated with economic growth, persisting socio-economic inequities and internal migration. In order to improve health access for the urban poor, the Ministry of Health developed a "Reaching Every District" strategy (RED strategy) to deliver(More)
BACKGROUND Increasing urbanization and population density, and persisting inequities in health outcomes across socioeconomic groupings have raised concerns internationally regarding the health of the urban poor. These concerns are also evident in Cambodia, which prompted the design of a study to identify and describe the main barriers to access to health(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES To retrospectively determine the 6-year cumulative incidence rate of firearm mortality and estimate nonfatal firearm injuries in Connecticut. METHODS Retrospective analysis of data originating from the Connecticut State Medical Examiner's Office and records from the Trauma Registry of one urban hospital. RESULTS From January 1988(More)
A total of 105 countries have introduced IPV as of September 2016 of which 85 have procured the vaccine through UNICEF. The Global Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan 2013-2018 called for the rapid introduction of at least one dose of IPV into routine immunization schedules in 126 all OPV-using countries by the end of 2015. At the time of initiating the(More)
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