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Abstract.Trichuris muris has been isolated from murid hosts (Apodemus sylvaticus and Mus musculus) and Trichuris arvicolae from arvicolid rodents in Barcelona, Spain. Genomic DNA was isolated and the(More)
Adults of Trichuris skrjahini have been isolated from the cecum of caprine hosts (Capra hircus), Trichuris ovis and Trichuris globulosa from Ovis aries (sheep) and C. hircus (goats), and Trichuris(More)
Comparative morphological, biometrical and molecular studies of Trichuris discolor isolated from Bos taurus from Spain and Iran was carried out. Furthermore, Trichuris ovis isolated from B. taurus(More)
Abstract. The complete internal transcribed spacer 1 (ITS1), 5.8S rDNA and ITS2 region of the ribosomal DNA from 11 species of rhinonyssid mites (Tinaminyssus columbae, T. minisetosum,T. sartbaevi,(More)
A 390 bp region of the 16S rDNA gene was sequenced from six species ofrhinonyssid mites (Tinaminyssus columbae, T. minisetosum, Sternostomaturdi, S. sternahirundo, S. fulicae and Ptilonyssus(More)