Diana Burkhardt

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Nowadays daily office work consists of dealing with big numbers of data and data sources, and furthermore of working with complex computer programs. In consequence many users have problems to use such programs effective and efficient. In particular beginners have significant problems to use the programs correctly due to complex functionality and interaction(More)
Nowadays there is a gap between the possibilities and the massively existing data on the one side and the user as main worker on the other side. In different scenarios e.g. search, exploration, analysis and policy-modeling a user has to deal with massive information, but for this work he usually gets a static designed system. So meanwhile data-driven(More)
John Koza [ 13 demonstrated that a form of machine learning could be constructed by using the techniques of Evolutionary Computation with LISP statements. We describe here an extension to this principle using Fuzzy Logic sets and operations instead of LISP. We show that Genetic programming can be used to generate trees of fuzzy logic statements that(More)
The use of complex data structures in most common languages is often unnecessarily confusing to all but the most experienced programmers. ATOL has been designed to include a variety of data structures in a way that is both simple to understand and easy to handle, yet sufficiently general and powerful for a wide range of applications. The syntax of the(More)
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