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Quite a number of authors are analysing transformation of ontology into conceptual data model and its usefulness in information systems development, since the semantic content expressed by ontology can be transformed into information systems artefacts, thereby reducing the costs of conceptual modelling. Conceptual data model and ontology have some common(More)
Conceptual models of information systems are used to capture the meaning of an application domain as perceived by someone. The important requirement for developing conceptual models is to reduce efforts, costs and time. This requirement can be implemented by the explicit use of enterprise knowledge for automatic generation of conceptual model. A number of(More)
The possibility to perform correct and automatic model transformation during reasonable short time is vital in the development of software applications. We analyse transformation of ontology axioms into rule model, which is an important and integral part of each conceptual data model. Therefore, the main aim of this research is to adopt the appropriate(More)
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