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The transport of sand and dust by wind is a potent erosional force, creates sand dunes and ripples, and loads the atmosphere with suspended dust aerosols. This paper presents an extensive review of the physics of wind-blown sand and dust on Earth and Mars. Specifically, we review the physics of aeolian saltation, the formation and development of sand dunes(More)
[1] Mineral dust aerosols play an important role in the climate system. Coupled climate-aerosol models are an important tool with which to quantify dust fluxes and the associated climate impact. Over the last decade or more, numerous models have been developed, both global and regional, but to date, there have been few attempts to compare the performance of(More)
  • D B Karam
  • 1977
This study was aimed at establishing a baseline for the latency values of the biceps-brachii, triceps-brachii and brachioradialis tendon reflexes from the moment of elicitation by percussion of the tendon, to the appearance of the muscle action potential. The percussion hammer triggered the electronic sweep on the electromyograph oscilloscope, showing(More)
Aural rehabilitation is a critical and often neglected aspect of a hearing-impaired patient's total rehabilitation. This case description illustrates the need for implementation of aural rehabilitation services. A 59-year-old woman exhibited bilateral profound sensorineural hearing loss following the onset of encephalitis herpes simplex. Auditory(More)
11 In this study we document the evolution, the synoptic trigger and the characteristics of an intense dust 12 event which occurred over the Sahara desert on August 3-5, 2006. The motivation for this study is to 13 highlight the large scale dust production over the Sahara associated with gust fronts of squall lines. 14 The dust emission during this event(More)
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