Diana Bodean

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This paper gives an overview of a new technique, named pseudo-ring testing (PRT). PRT can be applied for testing wide type of random access memories (RAM): bit- or word-oriented and single- or dual-port RAM's. An essential particularity of the proposed methodology is the emulation of a linear automaton over Galois field by memory own components.
—Scan and ring schemes of the pseudo-ring memory self-testing are investigated. Both schemes are based on emulation of the linear or nonlinear feedback shift register by memory itself. Peculiarities of the pseudo-ring schemes implementation for multi-port and embedded memories, and for register file are described. It is shown that only small additional(More)
This paper presents the technique and tools for automatization of the synthesis of constrained-random test-bench for verification of the synthesizable designs of microprocessors and microcontrollers. The structure and parameters of constrained-random test-bench is coded by a stochastic grammar that is specified by elaborated tools. The Application, called(More)
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