Diana Bischof

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The knowledge society requires lifelong learning and flexible learning environments that allow learners to learn whenever they have time, whereever they are, and according to their own needs and background knowledge. In this article, we investigate how Semantic Wikis – a combination of Wiki and Semantic Web technology – can support learners in such flexible(More)
In this paper we introduce three different implementations for the Mondex electronic purse verification challenge [Woo06] [SCW00]. In previous work ([SGHR06] [SGH + 07] and [HSGR06]) we verified security and correctness properties of the Mondex money transfer protocol. Here we present a way to translate the formal specifications into running JavaCard code.(More)
Inhaltsverzeichnis Abhandlungen Bischof-Köhler, Doris (Zürich). Selbstobjektivierung und fremdbezogene Emotionen. time in a simple reaction task under time pressure. With 4 fig. 405 Sommerfeld, Erdmute (Jena). Mentale Repräsentation-mathematische Modellierung ihrer Ausbildung und Transformation. Mit 6 Abb. 233chungen zu extra-auralen Wirkungen erlebter(More)
The increasing number of hospitalizations of anorectic patients requires the staffs understanding for one of the most difficult problems here: the common strategy. It's failure is interpreted as a counter-transference of the patients inner processes. There are multiple factors of intra- and inter-psychic splitting, which lead to a heightened tendency of(More)
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