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We studied N-(2-aminoethyl)-N-(4-(benzyloxy)-3-methoxybenzyl)thiophene-2-carboxamide hydrochloride (M8-B), a selective and potent antagonist of the transient receptor potential melastatin-8 (TRPM8) channel. In vitro, M8-B blocked cold-induced and TRPM8-agonist-induced activation of rat, human, and murine TRPM8 channels, including those on primary sensory(More)
High-performance microprocessors, e.g., multithreaded and multicore processors, are being implemented in embedded real-time systems because of the increasing computational requirements. These complex microprocessors have two major drawbacks when they are used for real-time purposes. First, their complexity difficults the calculation of the WCET (Worst Case(More)
At the 2008 Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience, a Mini-Symposium entitled "Contributions to TRP Channels to Neurological Disease" included talks from six heads of newly established laboratories, each with a unique research focus, model system, and set of experimental tools. Some of the questions addressed in these talks include the following.(More)
Previously, we showed that infecting human intestinal epithelial cells (Caco-2) with rotavirus (RV) increases the release of extracellular vesicles (EVs) with an immunomodulatory function that, upon concentration at 100,000×g, present buoyant densities on a sucrose gradient of between 1.10 to 1.18 g/ml (characteristic of exosomes) and higher than 1.24 g/ml(More)
Power consumption is a major design concern in current high-performance microprocessors. To deal with consumption, many systems apply Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS) techniques which dynamically change the system speed depending on the workload characteristics. DVS costs in a multicore system can be reduced by sharing the same DVS regulator among the cores.(More)
Because of technology advances power consumption has emerged up as an important design issue in modern high-performance microprocessors. As a consequence, research on reducing power consumption has become a hot research topic. Different ways to reduce power consumption consist on using processors that do not implement the most power-hungry(More)
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