Dian Rae Lopez

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A parallel computational model is deened which addresses I/O contention, latency, and pipe-lined message passing between tasks allocated to diierent processors. The model can be used for parallel task-allocation on either a network of workstations or on a multi-stage interconnected parallel machine. To study performance bounds more closely, basic properties(More)
A small data warehouse was designed for use by undergraduate students in a data-mining course. Our design included the selection of appropriate hardware, software, and real world data plus the building of the interface between the warehouse and the software used for mining its contents. Guides were also created helping students to design and implement their(More)
SUMMARY There are many different views about how to incorporate writing into the computer science curriculum. These views lead to inevitable questions about process and goals. For example, should writing be taught as a separate course or integrated into traditional content classes? How much latitude should students be given in selecting writing component(More)
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