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BACKGROUND Postprandial accumulation of gastric secretions in the proximal stomach above the meal adjacent to the esophagogastric junction (EGJ), referred to as the 'acid pocket', has been proposed as a pathophysiological factor in gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and as a target for GERD treatment. This study assessed the effect of proton pump(More)
BACKGROUND Oil-in-water emulsions have recently become of interest to nutritional sciences because of their ability to influence gastrointestinal digestive processes and ultimately benefit human health. MRI offers the potential to noninvasively characterize the interaction between emulsified lipids and gastric secretion within the stomach. OBJECTIVES We(More)
The complex variables method with mapping function was extended to solve the linear acoustic wave scattering by an inclusion with sharp/smooth corners in an infinite ideal fluid domain. The improved solutions of Helmholtz equation, shown as Bessel function with mapping function as the argument and fractional order Bessel function, were analytically(More)
The emergence of visual big data is a doubleedged sword to mobile communications. On one hand, the massive scale of visual data transmission brings a huge challenge to the RAN. On the other, the abundant information in visual big data may improve the spectrum efficiency and robustness of visual communications. In this article, we propose a DaC-RAN(More)
In this paper, we propose a framework to transmit uncoded video over wireless multiuser networks. The framework explores the scalability of uncoded video transmission to achieve the optimal resource allocation. Compared with the traditional allocation, our method well consider the diversity of video and channel condition, by allocating the power and(More)
it is an important direction increasing emotional recognition in the network system. This paper uses the improved Adaboost algorithm based on front-end color optimization to detect face and locate eye and mouth positions, adopts the deformable template matching method to extract eye spacing and uses the method based on lip color model to extract mouth(More)
PURPOSE To investigate and exploit the effect of intravoxel off-resonance compartments in the triple-echo steady-state (TESS) sequence without fat suppression for T2 mapping and to leverage the results for fat fraction quantification. METHODS In multicompartment tissue, where at least one compartment is excited off-resonance, the total signal exhibits(More)