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In this paper, we propose a framework to transmit uncoded video over wireless multiuser networks. The framework explores the scalability of uncoded video transmission to achieve the optimal resource allocation. Compared with the traditional allocation, our method well consider the diversity of video and channel condition, by allocating the power and(More)
To quantify intragastric fat volume and distribution with accelerated magnetic resonance (MR) imaging using signal model-based dictionaries (DICT) in comparison to conventional parallel imaging (CG-SENSE). This study was approved by the local ethics committee and written informed consent was obtained. Seven healthy subjects were imaged after intake of a(More)
it is an important direction increasing emotional recognition in the network system. This paper uses the improved Adaboost algorithm based on front-end color optimization to detect face and locate eye and mouth positions, adopts the deformable template matching method to extract eye spacing and uses the method based on lip color model to extract mouth(More)
Introduction: Multipoint gradient echo chemical shift-based water-fat separation methods such as IDEAL have been used to quantify fat fractions and allow visualizing the dynamics of gastrointestinal fat layering and fat digestion in vivo [1]. For quantitative studies, high-resolution coverage of the complete stomach or intestine is necessary. In addition,(More)
BACKGROUND Postprandial accumulation of gastric secretions in the proximal stomach above the meal adjacent to the esophagogastric junction (EGJ), referred to as the 'acid pocket', has been proposed as a pathophysiological factor in gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD) and as a target for GERD treatment. This study assessed the effect of proton pump(More)
We aimed to study the fate of fat during digestion. For this purpose, we validated and investigated the non-invasive quantification of gastric and duodenal fat emptying and emulsion processing (creaming and phase separation) using the MRI method iterative decomposition with echo asymmetry and least squares estimation (IDEAL). In total, twelve healthy(More)