Dian-Hong Wang

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the therapeutic mechanism of baicalin on rat brain glioma. METHODS Deep brain glioma models were established by injection of glioma cell line C6 cells into the brain of Wistar rats. The rats at 7 days after modeling were randomly divided into tumor control group (0.9% NaCl solution 30 mg×kg(-1)×d(-1) gavage)and experimental(More)
Due to the high-Q fused silica fiber's extreme sensitivity to temperature change, the period estimation of torsion pendulum with high precision depends on the effective correction of the thermoelastic effect. In the measurement of G with the time-of-swing method, we analyze the complex relation between temperature and the pendulum's period and propose a(More)
This article regarded the popularization of GIS as a starting point. It researched the feasibility of the transformations based on special GIS to popular GIS. It proved the popular Spatial Information Service Platform structure mainly from data base, technical feasibility, system framework, function frame and user perspective. And it also gave a future(More)
In the measurement of the gravitational constant G with angular acceleration method, the accurate estimation of the amplitude of the useful angular acceleration generated by source masses depends on the effective subtraction of the spurious gravitational signal caused by room fixed background masses. The gravitational background signal is of time-varying(More)
Traditional method of analysis of cable tension in field is using acquisition card and PC, but this method couldn't accurately get cable tension and the work field may be not a good test environment. This is of great inconvenience to the practical application. So this paper brings forward a portable system of cable tension measurement based on DSP. The(More)
Considering variation of environment temperature and unhomogeneity of background gravitational field, an improved correlation method was proposed to determine the variational period of a torsion pendulum with high precision. The result of processing experimental data shows that the uncertainty of determining the period with this method has been improved(More)
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