Dian Fan

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We propose a system model and an evaluation methodology to describe the performance of general delay-constrained packet-media transport over networks protected by packet-level FEC. Furthermore, we describe an algorithm to compute the residual packet-loss rate after FEC decoding in delay-constrained packet-media transmissions. Finally, we illustrate the(More)
Delaunay meshes (DM) are a special type of triangle mesh where the local Delaunay condition holds everywhere. We present an efficient algorithm to convert an arbitrary manifold triangle mesh <i>M</i> into a Delaunay mesh. We show that the constructed DM has <i>O</i>(<i>Kn</i>) vertices, where <i>n</i> is the number of vertices in <i>M</i> and <i>K</i> is a(More)
Computing centroidal Voronoi tessellations (CVT) has many applications in computer graphics. The existing methods, such as the Lloyd algorithm and the quasi-Newton solver, are efficient and easy to implement; however, they compute only the local optimal solutions due to the highly non-linear nature of the CVT energy. This paper presents a novel method,(More)