Dian Fan

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We propose a system model and an evaluation methodology to describe the performance of general delay-constrained packet-media transport over networks protected by packet-level FEC. Furthermore, we describe an algorithm to compute the residual packet-loss rate after FEC decoding in delay-constrained packet-media transmissions. Finally, we illustrate the(More)
Delaunay meshes (DM) are a special type of triangle mesh where the local Delaunay condition holds everywhere. We present an efficient algorithm to convert an arbitrary manifold triangle mesh <i>M</i> into a Delaunay mesh. We show that the constructed DM has <i>O</i>(<i>Kn</i>) vertices, where <i>n</i> is the number of vertices in <i>M</i> and <i>K</i> is a(More)
Intrinsic Delaunay triangulation (IDT) is a fundamental data structure in computational geometry and computer graphics. However, except for some theoretical results, such as existence and uniqueness, little progress has been made towards computing IDT on simplicial surfaces. To date the only way for constructing IDTs is the edge-flipping algorithm, which(More)