Diamantis A. Chloros

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The purpose of this study is to identify pathological findings among pigeon breeders in the Salonica area. Fifty-four volunteer breeders with varying intensity of contact with pigeons participated in the study. All the breeders, after filling in a questionnaire that included questions about the existence of conjunctivitis, rhinitis, chronic cough and(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) constitutes one of the main factors responsible for morbidity and mortality worldwide. Rhinitis has a high prevalence, but its relationship to COPD has not been determined. OBJECTIVES To estimate the prevalence of COPD and rhinitis in northern Greece and to examine their correlation. PATIENTS AND(More)
The indoor and outdoor environmental pollution effects on the respiratory system of 3,559 children aged 9-12 were studied. It was a cross-sectional and interlocal (geographical differentiation) study. The research was conducted during the period between 2000-2001 in five cities of Western Macedonia and more particularly: 1046 children from Ptolemaida, 1249(More)
SETTING A major concern surrounding the use of tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNF-alpha) inhibitors is their potential to increase the risk of opportunistic infections, particularly tuberculosis (TB). OBJECTIVE To estimate the incidence of active TB in patients with rheumatic diseases receiving anti-TNF drug therapy and to evaluate the effectiveness of an(More)
AIMS To investigate the validity of the International Primary Care Airways Guidelines (IPAG) questionnaire and PiKo-6® (Ferraris Respiratory Europe Ltd.) flow meter as screening tools for diagnosing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) in the primary care setting. METHODS The first 50 patients in 25 general practice offices completed the IPAG(More)
AIM To investigate the prevalence of smoking in the general population and in specific population sub-groups in Northern Greece. METHODS A cross-sectional study was conducted during the period 1999-2001 on a 5% sample (23,840) of those people aged between 21 to 80 out of a total general population of 653,249. 21,854/23,840 general population subjects were(More)
The aim of the present study was the investigation of radiographic findings in relation to lung function after occupational exposure to permissible levels of relatively pure chrysotile (0.5-3% amphiboles). We studied 266 out of the total 317 employees who have worked in an asbestos cement factory during the period 1968-2004 with chest x-ray, high-resolution(More)
AIM To define the prevalence of asthma and rhinitis in primary school children in the Polichni Municipality of the city of Thessaloniki. METHODS AND RESULTS The parents of 2005 students living in the area of Polichni completed a questionnaire for the detection of pulmonary disease in childhood. Of 493 children who gave positive answers to the questions(More)
BACKGROUND Asbestos exposure is related to serious adverse health effects. However, there is disagreement about the relationship between chrysotile exposure and mesothelioma or lung cancer. OBJECTIVES Our aim was to investigate the mortality rate among workers exposed to relatively pure chrysotile in an asbestos cement factory. PATIENTS AND METHODS In(More)
BACKGROUND The progress of pleural plaques in persons exposed to environmental asbestos in Almopia, Greece were studied prospectively. METHODS During a 15-year period, 198 individuals, in whom pleural plaques had been observed during the period 1988-1990 were followed. Respiratory function was initially evaluated in 23. All were inhabitants of seven(More)