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Tomato yellow leaf curl disease is spreading in southern Europe, where it has quickly become a serious problem. In recent years, several virus isolates have been characterised. Although with some genetic variability, all isolates found in Europe belong to one of two species Tomato yellow leaf curl-Sardinia (TYLCV-Sar) or Tomato yellow leaf curl-Israel(More)
Tomato chlorosis virus (ToCV), a new whitefly-transmitted and phloem-limited Crinivirus infecting tomatoes in Europe, is reported for the first time in Portugal. Tomato plants with symptoms of interveinal chlorosis, collected during autumn 1998 and summer and autumn 1999 in Algarve, southern Portugal, were positive in RT-PCR assays using ToCV-specific(More)
Tomato chlorosis virus causes yellow leaf disorder epidemics in many countries worldwide. Plants of Physalis ixocarpa showing abnormal interveinal yellowing and plants of Physalis peruviana showing mild yellowing collected in the vicinity of tomato crops in Portugal were found naturally infected with ToCV. Physalis ixocarpa and P. peruviana were tested for(More)
Colloidal gold particles 5 nm in diameter complexed with protein A (pAg) were bound specifically to rabbit antibodies which had reacted with antigens of 12 different plant viruses previously adsorbed to electron microscope (EM) support films. Conditions for highly specific labelling of antigens combined with a low non-specific background were assessed. In(More)
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