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For wheel-based humanoid robot, the dynamic stability is also an important question just like for biped robot. This paper unites the new recursive Newton-Euler method for dynamic modeling and the ZMP concept and then obtains the ZMP model of the robot. The merit of this model is that it is a function of the position, velocity and acceleration of joints in(More)
Path planning for multi-vehicle multi-target pursuit (MVMTP) is studied in this paper. With respect to equal number of vehicles and obstacles, a global cost function (GCF) is proposed and an optimal one-vehicle-one-target-pair appointment is specified based on the GCF. The artificial potential (AP)-guided evolutionary algorithm (EA) is used by each(More)
Linear programming (LP) is powerful to solve the constrained optimization problems in planning and control. But in the dynamic target pursuit and obstacle avoidance (TPOA) problem, LP suffers from nonlinearity in either the objective function or the constraints. This paper proposes an acceleration space LP. It describes the TPOA problem as several linear(More)
Mixed-integer linear programming (MILP) for trajectory generation of mobile robot suffers from nonlinear constraints due to complex obstacle contours and dynamic environment. In this paper, firstly, we introduce a relative velocity coordinates MILP (RVCs-MILP) for solving the nonlinear constraints problem in the trajectory generation of the target pursuit(More)
This paper proposed acceleration space linear programming (ASLP) method for the path planning of target pursuit and obstacles avoidance (TPOA) problem in dynamic and uncertain environment. The acceleration space for TPOA problem is defined and LP algorithm is introduced into it. LP is a powerful tool for optimization but exhibits weakness when there exist(More)
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