Di-Yi Chen

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In order to improve the prediction accuracy of agricultural machinery total power then to provide the basis for the agricultural mechanization development goals, the paper used gray GM(2,1) model in the prediction. Through the introduction of parameter λ to correct the background value and parameter ρ for multiple transformation on the initial data, the(More)
A four-dimensional dynamic system with only one nonlinear term was constructed and analysed the chaotic complex dynamic characteristics, including the space trajectory, the Lyapunov exponent and the Poincare map. These characteristics enable us to know deeply them, and indicate that the four-dimensional dynamical system contains hyper-chaotic attractor. For(More)
With the expansion of the chaotic application fields, more control method have greater value and significance. In order to better expand the field of chaos control, A four-dimensional nonlinear dynamic system was constructed and its complex dynamic characteristics of chaotic was analysed, including the phase trajectory map, Lyapunov index, Poincaré(More)
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