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BACKGROUND A protein structure can be determined by solving a so-called distance geometry problem whenever a set of inter-atomic distances is available and sufficient. However, the problem is intractable in general and has proved to be a NP hard problem. An updated geometric build-up algorithm (UGB) has been developed recently that controls numerical errors(More)
One shot learning gesture recognition from RGBD images ". In IEEE Conference on CVPR 2012 workshop on gesture recognition (oral), Rhode Island. Acknowledgements First I would like to thank my advisor Ling Shao for his dedications towards work, professionalism, and allowing me to freely pursue and explore the field of computer vision and machine learning. I(More)
A traditional database methodology has been used in the Indian stock market. Forecasting of the market is not only based on the prices of the stocks but also on other integrated information like socioeconomic factors, prices, politics etc. Changing data format and its behavior requires a new methodology to handle and integrate. Investments solely depend(More)
Using machine learning methods on firm-level textual disclosures, I construct a large-scale dataset featuring firm-specific shocks to production. I map these shocks into a unique, hand-built network of firm-level supply chain connections to empirically quantify how these localized shocks affect remote firms along the chains. Surprisingly, contrary to(More)
With the ever-deepening economic reform and international trend of ICT application in education, the Chinese government is strengthening its basic education curriculum reform and actively facilitating the application of ICT in education. Given the achievement gap of ICT infrastructure and its application in middle and primary schools between urban and rural(More)