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Using machine learning methods on firm-level textual disclosures, I construct a large-scale dataset featuring firm-specific shocks to production. I map these shocks into a unique, hand-built network of firm-level supply chain connections to empirically quantify how these localized shocks affect remote firms along the chains. Surprisingly, contrary to(More)
Sustainable urban development focuses on enhancing urban well-being, while also balancing the demands of urban social and economic development, natural resource consumption, and environmental pollution. This work used general data envelopment analysis to assess the urban sustainability efficiency (USE) and sustainability potential (SP) in Lanzhou and(More)
Shadi Abras Guruprasad Airy Marco Alberti Eric Andonoff Sandra Baldassarri Daniel Le Berre Magnus Boman A. Byrski Baki Cakici Thomas Carroll Sara Casare Roberto Centeno Sofia Ceppi Walid Chainbi Kyriakos C. Chatzidimitriou Shih-Fen Cheng Mika Cohen Antônio Carlos da Rocha Costa Ludivine Crépin Christos Dimou Julie Dugdale Patricia Everaere Jonathan Ezekiel(More)
Under the pressure of environmental regulations and public opinion, manufacturers must take on its responsibility for waste disposal, which caused the increase of its operating cost. Therefore, it is important for studying in product pricing under the waste self-selection disposal mode of manufacturer to advancing the formation of competitive advantage of(More)
With the ever-deepening economic reform and international trend of ICT application in education, the Chinese government is strengthening its basic education curriculum reform and actively facilitating the application of ICT in education. Given the achievement gap of ICT infrastructure and its application in middle and primary schools between urban and rural(More)