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Psychological tests were carried out on 24 children with renal disease during the time they were hemodialyzed and after a minimum of one year after their transplant. These investigations included regular interviews with children and families, drawings and their commentaries, and projective techniques: Rohrschach tests. The results of these investigations(More)
Three years ago we undertook, in collaboration with André and Joëlle Boue (Inserm U 73), a research project investigating the psychological aspects of prenatal diagnosis following the earlier birth (and sometimes death) of a child with Down's syndrome. For this study we selected 20 couples who had requested such an examination. These couples present some(More)
Eighteen children who have received kidney transplants within the last three years at the Hopital des Enfants Malades in Paris provide material for this survey. We try to find out how these transplants effect the way the children live, and the main psychological problems that they create. This new way of life is characterized by an explosion of vitality, a(More)
In an investigation concerning the psychological aspects of prenatal diagnosis, the repercussions of hereditary disease as well as their detection were studied. Analysis of the contents of interviews with the 30 involved couples pointed out the prevalence of imaginary elaborations regarding heredity and its affections and allowed us to examine the function(More)
Antenatal diagnosis enables certain fetal abnormalities to be detected "in utero", and in particular mongolism. This examination is often undertaken in the process of medical attention in pregnancy. This explains why interviews with pregnant women about this far from ordinary act have become so superficial. Men and women react differently to this take-over.(More)
  • Vommaro, Lolli, +6 authors and Bacchin
  • 2016
Introduction: Surgical treatment for severe scoliosis has been characterized by a combined approach and gradual distraction before final arthrodesis; pedicle screws have reaffirmed the role of posterior approach. Materials and Methods: Three female patients were treated for severe scoliosis using transient magnetic rods for internal distraction followed by(More)
UNLABELLED The objective of our study was the elaboration and the validation of a brief neuropsychological battery sensitive to the main cognitive and psychomotor deficits in HIV+ patients with HIV encephalopathy and cognitive impairment associated with seropositivity. We evaluated the sensitivity of this brief battery with respect to a large(More)
UNLABELLED This study tries to demonstrate the importance of using follow-up trials and taking anxio-depressive status into account while interpreting cognitive impairment in HIV-infected subjects. Subjects included were: 18 HIV carriers, mostly homosexual, belonging to CDC groups II (4), III or IVC2 (7) and IV (7), selected within a cohort of 63, as having(More)