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An AMR(Automatic Meter Reading) system is used to automatically collect data from meters. In this paper we design and implement a Wireless Automatic Meter Reading System to solve the problem in existing AMR system. The system consists of wireless modules, measure meters and management center. A general wireless module, is developed to transfer the data(More)
The human auditory system possesses intelligence characteristics such as the ability to extract information from multiple voice signals, and these characteristics correlate with brain function. If the relation between auditory intelligence and brain status can be identified, it will be possible to evaluate brain status according to auditory intelligence. At(More)
With aging, human's brain function declines, and information processing ability becomes weak correspondingly. In auditory field, a kind of new proposed voice separation ability was measured quantitatively, and its relation to age was also found by measurement experiments of 234 subjects. Based on the results, a method of brain enhancement by voice(More)
Both high accuracy of iris biometrics and friendly interface of face recognition are important issues to a biometric recognition system. So an open problem is how to combine iris and face biometrics for reliable personal identification. This paper proposes a bin-based weak classifier fusion method for Multibiometrics of Iris and Face. The matching scores of(More)
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