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On clinical applications, many magnetic resonance (MR) Images obtained directly by the instruments are not satisfied by doctors. For example, there are some noises and poor contrast in the MR images. These shortcomings would affect the efficiency of feature extraction or recognition later. To solve this problem, the paper proposes a synchronization(More)
Service is different from product, its intangibility, simultaneity and heterogeneity make it unable to store, and so its demand and supply are different. This paper studies both price and waiting time's influence on demand and supply in a service company, by affecting customer's demand and service provider's capacity. We constructs a queuing-based(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the efficiency of diffusion-weighted MRI in differentiating between benign and malignant polypoid gallbladder lesions. METHODS The study population consisted of 10 benign (5 polyps, 3 adenomyomatosis and 2 adenomas) and 13 malignant (all adenocarcinomas) polypoid gallbladder lesions treated in hospital from November 2007 to May 2014.(More)
Edge is one of the most important image features, and it is the base of follow-up measurement and shape registration. In order to get better edge information, an edge detection method of block distance is proposed in this paper. Firstly, by calculating distance between the pixels within sub-block regions, the graph of Gaussian weighted distance is obtained.(More)
A force identification technique based on simulation models is proposed and applied to predict the concentrated force at the barycenter of an apparatus. Computation procedure of it is given, in which the model updating and verification steps are included. The mode parameters are used as the base datum for FE model updating. Two verification strategies for(More)
Edge extraction is an important topic of image processing, and it is also the basis for subsequent processing. For this reason, this paper proposed a method of color image edge extraction based on Manhattan distance map. Firstly, Manhattan distance map is constructed by adjusting the fuzzy radius and the standard deviation of Gauss nuclear. Edge of the(More)
Super-resolution reconstruction of sequence remote sensing image is a technology which handles multiple low-resolution satellite remote sensing images with complementary information and obtains one or more high resolution images. The cores of the technology are high precision matching between images and high detail information extraction and fusion. In this(More)
This paper proposes a truly dual-ported variable-way set-associative L1 D-cache design for high performance embedded DSP (Digital Signal Processor). Several power-efficient D-cache optimizations are implemented in the design, which try to reduce the energy consumption of the L1 D-cache without affecting the performance significantly. The strategy to verify(More)
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