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Local Binary Patterns (LBP) is a non-parametric descriptor whose aim is to efficiently summarize the local structures of images. In recent years, it has aroused increasing interest in many areas of image processing and computer vision, and has shown its effectiveness in a number of applications, in particular for facial image analysis, including tasks as(More)
In the theory of differential geometry, surface normal, as a first order surface differential quantity, determines the orientation of a surface at each point and contains informative local surface shape information. To fully exploit this kind of information for 3D face identification, this paper proposes a novel highly discriminative facial shape(More)
This paper presents an effective method for 3-D face recognition using a novel geometric facial representation along with a local feature hybrid matching scheme. The proposed facial surface description is based on a set of facial depth maps extracted by multiscale extended Local Binary Patterns (eLBP) and enables an efficient and accurate description of(More)
This paper presents a mesh-based approach for 3D face recognition using a novel local shape descriptor and a SIFT-like matching process. Both maximum and minimum curvatures estimated in the 3D Gaussian scale space are employed to detect salient points. To comprehensively characterize 3D facial surfaces and their variations, we calculate weighted statistical(More)
The close vicinity of cancer cells undergoing epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) and tumor-associated macrophages (TAMs) at the invasive front of tumors suggests that these two cell type may mutually interact. We show that mesenchymal-like breast cancer cells activate macrophages to a TAM-like phenotype by GM-CSF. Reciprocally, CCL18 from TAMs induces(More)
FK506, a widely used immunosuppressant, is produced by industrial fermentation processes using various Streptomyces species. However, the low titer becomes a bottleneck for its application and industrialization. It urgently required a full understanding of the biological mechanisms for FK506 overproduction. Towards this end, comparative metabolomics(More)
Existing methods for multi-view gait-based identification mainly focus on transforming the features of one view to the features of another view, which is technically sound but has limited practical utility. In this paper, we propose a view-invariant discriminative projection (ViDP) method, to improve the discriminative ability of multi-view gait features by(More)
FK506 is a clinically important macrocyclic polyketide with immunosuppressive activity produced by Streptomyces tsukubaensis. However, the low titer at which it is produced is a bottleneck to its application and use in industrial processes. We have overexpressed five potential targets associated with FK506 production (fkbO, fkbL, fkbP, fkbM, fkbD) which(More)
BACKGROUND FK506 is an important immunosuppressant, which can be produced by Streptomyces tsukubaensis. However, the production capacity of the strain is very low. Hereby, a computational guided engineering approach was proposed in order to improve the intracellular precursor and cofactor availability of FK506 in S. tsukubaensis. RESULTS First, a(More)