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Clustering multiple data streams has become an active area of research with many practical applications. Most of the early work in this area focused on one-sided clustering, i.e., clustering data streams based on feature correlation. However, recent research has shown that data streams can be grouped based on the distribution of their features, while(More)
In order to identify the traffic state of urban road network accurately, the traffic state identification methods based on cloud computing model are proposed. The macroscopic and microscopic characteristics of urban road network traffic flow are discussed in detail; and then the identification index systems are proposed. The traffic state identification(More)
A novel method for head detection was proposed in video sequences captured with fixed vertical mono-camera, which integrated hough transformation, hair-color distribution model and circle existence model. Target area was firstly detected using fast gradient hough transformation (FGHT). In order to overcome head area mis-detection and incapability of(More)
A novel method for head detection is proposed dealing with video sequences captured with fixed mono- camera, which constructs two detectors utilizing the hair-color and the contour features respectively. This algorithm implements head detection correctly combining hair-color and head contour features together rather than independently applying color(More)
Car-following models play an important role in the field of road traffic system, and one of its important issues is the vehicle formation. To conduct the analysis of vehicle formation, this paper introduces the concept of zero dynamics and gives a detailed analysis of the full velocity difference (FVD) model. Meanwhile, the stability analysis of FVD model(More)
Congestion control is a process to achieve optimal decision-making and effective control of vehicles through the interaction of vehicular perception and control, and it shows the typical characteristic of cyber physical systems. Based on the physical-world model of Konishi et al., a new control method to suppress the traffic jam is proposed in the feedback(More)
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