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In this paper, we present results of recent research from our laboratory directed toward a manufacturable SiC surface micromachining technology for microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) applications. These include the development of a low-pressure chemical vapor deposition and in situ doping processes for silicon carbide (SiC) films at relatively low(More)
The fracture of polycrystalline SiC films is investigated using a micrometer-sized fracture tester fabricated by micromachining techniques. A series of SiC cantilever beams varying in length are carried by a moving shuttle tethered to the substrate, and are bent in plane until fracture. The fracture strain of SiC films is calculated from the deflection of(More)
Lead halide perovskite materials are thriving in optoelectronic applications due to their excellent properties, while their instability due to the fact that they are easily hydrolyzed is still a bottleneck for their potential application. In this work, water-resistant, monodispersed and stably luminescent cesium lead bromine perovskite nanocrystals coated(More)
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