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Three-point correlators of stress tensors in maximally-supersymmetric conformal theories in d = 3 and d = 6 Abstract We consider free superconformal theories of N = 8 scalar multiplet in d = 3 and (2, 0) tensor multiplet in d = 6 and compute 2-point and 3-point correlators of their stress tensors. The results for the 2-point and the 3-point correlators for(More)
We show that the global aspects of Abelian and center projection of a SU(2) gauge theory on an arbitrary manifold are naturally described in terms of smooth Deligne coho-mology. This is achieved through the introduction of a novel type of differential topological structure, called Cho structure. Half integral monopole charges appear naturally in this(More)
A program to compute the Birkhoo normal forms for symplectic maps in l R 4 is described. We consider the case of an elliptic xed point, which is the most relevant for applications. We compute the normal forms both in the nonresonant and resonant case and we provide the interpolating hamiltonian and the normalizing transformation. Programming language:(More)
Preface Agent-based technologies, developed in the Artificial Intelligence area, have become more and more important especially in more traditional Computer Science areas, like Software Engineering, where the agent abstraction is considered a natural extension of the object abstraction. The importance of these techniques is also witnessed in the industrial(More)
The pan-European GSM cellular system is expected to provide service to more than 10 million users by the year 2000. This paper indicates the feasibility of a new satellite system at EHF (40/50 GHz) to complement at the end of the decade the GSM system or its descendants, in order to provide additional services at 64 kbit/s, or so. The main system aspects,(More)
  • Alma Mater Studiorum, Università, +5 authors Sara
  • 2009
The aim of this work is to put forward a statistical mechanics theory of social interaction , generalizing econometric discrete choice models. After showing the formal equivalence linking econometric multinomial logit models to equilibrium statical mechanics, a multi-population generalization of the Curie-Weiss model for ferromagnets is considered as a(More)
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