Di-Bao Wang

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Establishing the neighbor list to efficiently calculate the inter-atomic forces consumes the majority of computation time in molecular dynamics (MD) simulation. Several algorithms have been proposed to improve the computation efficiency for short-range interaction in recent years, although an optimized numerical algorithm has not been provided. Based on a(More)
The melting duration and molten depth are key information for laser-assisted direct imprinting, which raises issues about the melting & solidification induced by excimer-pulse-laser irradiating through unilaterally transparent binary materials. Considering the size-effect on thermal conductivity and phase-change of irradiated material, the(More)
A MEMS microphone system consists of subsystems such as chamber acoustics, structural dynamics, capacitor electrostatics and read-out circuitry. No matter fabricating the whole system with SoC (system on chip) by CMOS process or with SiP (system in packaging), the capability of system-level modeling is the prerequisite to design a microphone with high(More)
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