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We consider an age-structured model of a harvested population. This model is a discrete-time system that includes a nonlinear stock-recruitment relationship. Our purpose is to estimate the stock state. To achieve this goal, we built an observer, which is an auxiliary system that uses the total number of fish caught over each season and gives a dynamical(More)
Ebola virus disease is a lethal human and primate disease that currently requires a particular attention from the international health authorities due to important outbreaks in some Western African countries and isolated cases in the UK, the USA and Spain. Regarding the emergency of this situation, there is a need for the development of decision tools, such(More)
An epidemiological model for studying the spread and the economic impact of animal diseases. 1. Main characteristics of Be-FAST • Simulate both the between farm and within farm spread of the considered disease in a given region. • Evaluation of the economical impact of a disease outbreak by considering direct and indirect costs. • Adaptable to different(More)
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