Dhuha Basheer Abdullah

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The services provided by network servers are very important, therefore, the monitoring of these servers in real time is required to discover the obstacles in order to improve servers performance. In this paper, a file server system was designed to be monitored by a smartphone in real time through the use of dynamic scheduling algorithm for three main(More)
Just as the multi-core processors took all the attention in general computing field in the past decade, so too multi-core smartphones are taking all the attention today. Relying on the principles of tasks and data parallelism. We propose in this paper a parallel programming approach on quad-core smartphones to do a big matrices multiplication, and show how(More)
The quest for developing computer architectures in terms of accuracy, efficiency and cost is unending to tackle a very large-scale system, that have a performance problem, using the parallel processing. The mature technology of the mobile agents is gaining more momentum to be adopted with the parallel processing over a grid computing in contrast to the(More)
In distributed real time systems tasks must meet their deadline even in the presence of hardware/software faults. Fault tolerance in distributed real time systems refers to the ability of the system to meet the tasks deadline and to detect their failure and recover them. In this paper we considered the problem of fault tolerance and developed a fault(More)
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