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Statistical procedures for variable selection have become integral elements in any analysis. Successful procedures are characterized by high predictive accuracy, yielding interpretable models while retaining computational efficiency. Penalized methods that perform coefficient shrinkage have been shown to be successful in many cases. Models with correlated(More)
The existing methods for finding influencers use the process of information diffusion to discover the nodes with maximum information spread. These models capture only the process of information diffusion and not the actual social value of collaborations in the network. We have proposed a method for finding influencers using the idea that people generate(More)
The problem of finding the influencers in social networks has been traditionally dealt in an optimization setting by finding the top-k nodes that has the maximum information spread in the network. These methods aim to find the influencers in a network through the process of information diffusion. However, none of these approaches model the individual social(More)
(Arial Bold 10 pt) " Designers work at the intersection of (cultural) trends " (Grant & Fox, 1992) and current demographic developments strongly call for their participation to bring about a meaningful change to the social lives of the elderly. Loneliness is a growing issue amongst older people and one popular approach to tackling it is by developing(More)
With majority of the world's data and computation handled by cloud-based systems, cloud management stacks such as Apache's CloudStack, VMware's vSphere and OpenStack have become an increasingly important component in cloud software. However, like every other complex distributed system, these cloud stacks are susceptible to faults, whose root cause is often(More)
Background This research involves two related areas of examination. The first, " Assessing the Value of New Energy Technologies " focuses on two main tasks. • Developing ways to represent the performance and costs of new energy technologies at representative years in the future probabilistically with and without GCEP support. • Develop a demonstration(More)
CONTEXT Rectus capitis posterior (RCP) muscles have physical attachments to the pain-sensitive spinal dura. Atrophy of these muscles is associated with chronic headache in some patients. The authors suspect that the significance of atrophy in the RCP muscles has been undervalued because the functional role of these muscles is not well defined. OBJECTIVE(More)