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In this paper we present the design of a wearable temperature sensing device for remote neonatal monitoring. It is designed for continuous and real-time monitoring of the infants in remote rural areas, for the first few weeks after their birth. It is capable of sensing the neonate's skin temperature with 0.1 • C accuracy to detect the early onset of(More)
Nanolasers hold promise for applications including integrated photonics, on-chip optical interconnects and optical sensing. Key to the realization of current cavity designs is the use of nanomaterials combining high gain with high radiative efficiency. Until now, efforts to enhance the performance of semiconductor nanomaterials have focused on reducing the(More)
This work gives an over view of IP telephony and explain the existing difficulties in implementing VoIP services & migrate the TDM base telephony to IP telephony. When the architecture is deployed in IP based network. The causes of these problems are explained with three approaches used by carrier to solve interoperability. They are TDM base telephony to IP(More)
In this paper we discuss the development of a novel rapid prototyping method that makes the process of creating tangible electronic artifacts faster and easier. This method makes use of a new paper-like material that can be given any form just by hand or by using other stationary objects. This material changes its stiffness and becomes harder soon after the(More)
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