Dhruv Gupta

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Events are central in human history and thus also in Web queries, in particular if they relate to history or news. However, ambiguity issues arise as queries may refer to ambiguous events differing in time, geography, or participating entities. Thus, users would greatly benefit if search results were presented along different events. In this paper, we(More)
Born-digital document collections contain vast amounts of historical facts and knowledge. However, manual assessment of these large text collections is infeasible. In this paper, we demonstrate a retrieval system, DIG-ITALHISTORIAN, that analyzes these document collections using semantic annotations in the form of temporal expressions and named entities(More)
In this article, I present the questions that I seek to answer in my PhD research. I posit to analyze natural language text with the help of semantic annotations and mine important events for navigating large text corpora. Semantic annotations such as named entities, geographic locations, and temporal expressions can help us mine events from the given(More)
Getting an overview of a historic entity or event can be difficult in search results, especially if important dates concerning the entity or event are not known beforehand. For such information needs, users benefit if returned results covered diverse dates, thus giving an overview of what has happened throughout history. Such a method can be a building(More)
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