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Effects of Price, Brand, and Store Information on Buyers’ Product Evaluations
The authors report a study of the effects of price, brand, and store information on buyers’ perceptions of product quality and value, as well as their willingness to buy. Hypotheses are derived from
Factors Influencing the Effectiveness of Relationship Marketing: A Meta-Analysis
Relationship marketing (RM) has emerged as one of the dominant mantras in business strategy circles, though RM investigations often yield mixed results. To help managers and researchers improve the
The Influence of Multiple Store Environment Cues on Perceived Merchandise Value and Patronage Intentions
Research on how store environment cues influence consumers' store choice decision criteria, such as perceived merchandise value and shopping experience costs, is sparse. Especially absent is research
Understanding Service Convenience
The subject of service convenience is important in service economies, yet little is known about this topic. The consumer convenience literature—strong in certain respects, underdeveloped in other
The influence of store environment on quality inferences and store image
The study reported here examines how combinations of specific elements in the retail store environment influence consumers’ inferences about merchandise and service quality and discusses the extent
Assessing the predictive validity of two methods of measuring self-image congruence
The predictive validity of two measurement methods of self-image congruence—traditional versus new—were compared in six studies involving different consumer populations, products, consumption
The impact of technology on the quality-value-loyalty chain: A research agenda
In this article, the authors first propose a simple model summarizing the key drivers of customer loyalty. Then, on the basis of this model and drawing on key insights from the preceding articles in
The Effect of Store Name, Brand Name and Price Discounts on Consumers' Evaluations and Purchase Intentions
Abstract This paper develops and tests a conceptual model of the effects of store name, brand names and price discounts on consumers' evaluations (store image, brand quality perceptions, internal
Challenges and Opportunities in Multichannel Customer Management
Multichannel customer management is the design, deployment, coordination, and evaluation of channels through which firms and customers interact, with the goal of enhancing customer value through
The Effects of Price - Comparison Advertising on Buyers'''' Perceptions of Acquisition Value, Transa
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