Dhrubajyoti Mondal

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This paper addresses the task of analyzing healthcare data for medical decision making. We describe a method for ranking medications based on historical data of the outcomes recorded as part of a system of Electronic Medical Records (EMR). Medication ranking can be used to recommend medications for a given group of diagnoses. The ranking process captures(More)
A new series of nonoxido vanadium(IV) compounds [VL2] (L = L(1)-L(3)) (1-3) have been synthesized using dithiocarbazate-based tridentate Schiff-base ligands H2L(1)-H2L(3), containing an appended phenol ring with a tert-butyl substitution at the 2-position. The compounds are characterized by X-ray diffraction analysis (1, 3), IR, UV-vis, EPR spectroscopy,(More)
Heterobimetallic compounds [L(1)OV(V)═O→Fe(metsalophen)(H(2)O)] (1) and [L(2)OV(V)═O→Fe(metsalophen)(H(2)O)]CH(3)CN (2), where H(2)L(1) and H(2)L(2) are tridentate dithiocarbazate-based Schiff base ligands, containing a discrete V(V)-μ-O-Fe(III) angular core have been synthesized for the first time through a targeted synthesis route: confirmation in favor(More)
Oxidase activities of a μ-hydroxidodimanganese(III) system involving a series of tetradentate capping ligands H2LR1,R2 with a pair of phenolate arms have been investigated in the presence of 3,5-di-tert-butylcatechol (H2DBC) as a coligand cum-reductant. The reaction follows two distinctly different paths, decided by the substituent combinations (R1 and R2)(More)
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