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In this paper we use similarity measure for intuitionistic fuzzy sets and apply in real life problem to analyze health problem of agricultural labourers those who are suffering from health hazards due to chemical pollution. 1. Introduction The fuzzy model is a finite set of fuzzy relations that form an algorithm for determining the outputs of a process from(More)
—The employee-employer relationship is an intricate one. In an industry, the employers expect to achieve performances in quality and production in order to earn profit, on the other side employees need good pay and all possible allowances and best advantages than any other industry. Our main objective of this paper is to analyze the relationship between(More)
Widespread adoption of smartphones brought significant technical advances in technology in today's world. As a consequence, however, it has almost become impossible for us to separate our personal lives from work. Work-life balance is hard to achieve in the current scenario: our business emails keep arriving on our phones even when we are at home or on the(More)
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