Dhruba Sharma

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Acacia nilotica (L.) Willd. ex Del is an important multipurpose tree of traditional agroforestry system in the central belt of the Indian sub-continent. The tree is reported to reduce crop yields under its canopy. However, information is lacking on the spatial variation in soil physical characters, nutrient pool sizes and their availability to crops under(More)
52 Non-psychiatrist doctors were evaluated in order to know their psychiatric orientation with the help of clinical case history along with questionnaire. Only one doctor subject could give all the diagnosis correctly on the basis of clinical stories; on the other hand all the doctors gave the diagnosis of epilepsy correctly. This reflects basic lack of(More)
Background. In the present study, quality and quantity of indoor dust mites was evaluated at the residence of 150 atopic allergic patients from four different districts of South Assam. Methods. Suspected patients with case history of allergic disease were selected for indoor survey. Dust samples (500 mg) were collected from the selected patient's house and(More)
Eight clinical isolates of Y. enterocolitica were tested for various pathogenicity and virulence markers. Seven of the eight strains gave positive results for Congo red magnesium oxalate (CRMOX) agar test and autoagglutination test at 37 degrees C. Seven strains bound crystal violet (CV) completely at 37 degrees C but not at 25 degrees C. One strain (Y1)(More)
A total of 65 pollen types were identified from two years atmospheric pollen survey in the environmental conditions of South Assam. Out of them, eight pollen types viz., Acacia auriculiformis, Amaranthus spinosus, Cassia alata, Cleome gynandra, Cocos nucifera, Imperata cylindrica, Ricinus communis and Trewia nudiflora, were selected for biochemical studies(More)
The widespread abuse of drugs and Alcohol has become a human tragedy. Each year the abuse of Alcohol and Illicit drugs exact an enormous toll in deaths, decline in productivity, more crime and accidents and also increased expenditure in rehabilitation. The situation is likely to worsen and even may get out of hand if adequate measure are not taken to(More)
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