Dhivya Krishna

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We have created a stochastic impulse-response (IR) moment-extractionalgorithm for RC circuit networks. It employs anewly discovered Feynman Sum-over-Paths Postulate. Fullparallelism has been preserved. Numerical verification resultsfor coupled RC lines confirmed rapid convergence. We believethis algorithm may find useful application in massively(More)
This paper focuses on the real time control of autonomous robot through the detection of multiple types of motor imagery. The EEG data contains when subject performs imagery motor activity. The motor imagery activity includes movements of left hand, right hand, left leg and right leg. For feature extraction, the cross-correlation method is used to calculate(More)
Distributed file systems are key building blocks for cloud computing applications supported the Map Reduce programming paradigm. In such file systems, nodes at the same time serve computing and storage functions; a file is partitioned off into variety of chunks allotted in distinct nodes so Map Reduce tasks are often performed in parallel over the nodes.(More)
Cellular text electronic messaging services area unit progressively being relied upon to broadcast crucial data throughout emergencies. Accordingly, a good vary of organizations together with faculties and universities currently partner with third-party suppliers that promise to improve physical security by apace delivering such messages. Sadly, these(More)
when the DA (distributed arithmetic) algorithm is directly applied in FPGA (field programmable gate array) to realize FIR (finite impulse response) filter, it is difficult to achieve the best configuration in the coefficient of FIR filter, the storage resource and the computing speed. According to this problem, the paper provides the detailed analysis and(More)
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