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Mining Possessions: Existence, Type and Temporal Anchors
A corpus and experiments to mine possession relations from text, and results show that the three subtasks (predicting possession existence, possession type and temporal anchors) can be automated. Expand
Extracting Possessions from Social Media: Images Complement Language
A new dataset and experiments to determine whether authors of tweets possess the objects they tweet about are described and a simple yet effective strategy to incorporate visual information into any neural network beyond weights from pretrained networks is introduced. Expand
Determining Event Outcomes: The Case of #fail
Experimental results show that edibility is easier to predict than outcome quality, and tweets that contain images are more likely to result in edible albeit imperfect outcomes. Expand
Possessors Change Over Time: A Case Study with Artworks
This paper works with Wikipedia articles about artworks, and extracts possession relations along with temporal information indicating when these relations are true, and experimental results show that an LSTM ensemble can automate the task. Expand
dhivya-hope-detection@LT-EDI-EACL2021: Multilingual Hope Speech Detection for Code-mixed and Transliterated Texts
In this paper we work with a hope speech detection corpora that includes English, Tamil, and Malayalam datasets. We present a two phase mechanism to detect hope speech. In the first phase we build aExpand
Beyond Possession Existence: Duration and Co-Possession
This paper introduces two tasks: determining (a) the duration of possession relations and (b) co-possessions, i.e., whether multiple possessors possess a possessee at the same time. We present newExpand
Extracting possessions from text: Experiments and error analysis
This paper presents a corpus and experiments to mine possession relations from text. Specifically, we target alienable and control possessions and assign temporal anchors indicating when aExpand
WikiPossessions: Possession Timeline Generation as an Evaluation Benchmark for Machine Reading Comprehension of Long Texts
WikiPossessions, a new benchmark corpus for the task of temporally-oriented possession (TOP), or tracking objects as they change hands over time, is presented, producing 799 artifact-possessor relations with associated attributes in Wikipedia articles for 90 different well-known artifacts paintings, diamonds, and archaeological artifacts. Expand
Information Extraction/Entailment of Common Law and Civil Code