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In November 2007 Varian Medical Systems released a new version of ECLIPSE (version 8.1.17), which includes a correction to its Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm affecting monitor unit calculations for Enhanced Dynamic Wedge. The purpose of this study is to evaluate and compare the accuracy of the MU calculations for version 8.1.17 with that from the previous(More)
The Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm (AAA) of the Varian Eclipse treatment planning system calculates absolute dose for a variety of beam settings including those with an enhanced dynamic wedge (EDW). This algorithm has gone through a number of version updates since it was first released in July 2005. Previous versions of AAA have come with instructions on(More)
Now a day the most difficult challenges in engine technology is to increase its thermal efficiency, If the efficiency is higher, than there will less fuel consumption and lower atmospheric emissions per unit of work produced by the engine. In Six Stroke engine, the name indicates a cycle of six strokes in which two are useful power strokes. The engine which(More)
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