Dhirendra Mahadeva

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The use of large metal on metal bearings has led to a reduction in the risk of dislocation post hip arthroplasty. Because of this, and also because of the technical difficulties associated with resurfacing surgery in particular, it could be argued that a less meticulous approach to acetabular cup placement has developed in comparison with conventional metal(More)
Several classification systems are in use for Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease. Three of them: Catterall, Salter Thompson and Herring (Lateral Pillar) are most commonly used. There has been debate on which is most reliable. The purpose of this paper was to systematically analyse the literature when the classifications were compared. The Ovid (Medline) Database(More)
Bicondylar/Schatzker 6 type tibial plateau fractures are a significant challenge to the trauma and orthopaedic surgeon. These injuries tend to be complex, high energy and are activated with significant morbidity. Two surgical methods are commonly in use: (1) hybrid external fixation or (2) internal fixation. We performed a systematic analysis of papers(More)
This retrospective study compared the results of patellar resurfacing versus no resurfacing in 121 patients (142 knees) who underwent Scorpio total knee arthroplasty (TKA) between January 2002 and September 2004. Mean follow-up was 33 months in the nonresurfaced group and 18 months in the resurfaced group. The 2 groups were similar in age and gender. The(More)
INTRODUCTION We investigated if the introduction of digital radiography, with its software permitting enhancement of plain radiographs, improved inter- and intra-observer agreement in the Neer classification. METHODS Five observers participated in classifying 50 randomly selected radiographs with a confirmed proximal humeral fracture. The observers(More)
The Neer classification system for proximal humeral fractures has been in use for more than 30 years. Although it is popular, there have been reports raising doubts regarding its reliability. The purpose of this paper was to systematically analyse the literature addressing the inter/intra-observer agreement of the Neer classification. The OVID (Medline)(More)
Glioblastoma Multiforme frequently metastasises from their original location by for example infiltration along white matter tracts [1]. GBM metastasis outside the central nervous system is distinctly rare though there are previous reports of spread to various organs [2–5]. We add an unusual case of a patient with aggressive cerebral GBM metastasis to the(More)
BACKGROUND Prior studies identified that crash severity (delta V), occupant position, and restraint systems as reliable predictors of crash injuries to lower extremity, but very little have been written on the subject of upper extremity. METHOD This is a retrospective analysis of Crash Injury Research and Engineering Network database in a Level I trauma(More)
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