Dhirendra Kumar Sharma

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In the MANET, routing protocols are used to provide the specific path for sending the data packets. Multipath routing provides the multiple paths in the MANET. So, in this paper we enhance the performance of Split Multipath Routing protocols by using route update mechanism. This proposal is useful in route recovery process. In MANET for sending the data(More)
Wireless ad hoc network is an infrastructure less, self organized, multi hop packet switched network. In an ad hoc network, node movement results in dynamic topology and cause link failures. In this paper, we are using packet scheduling technique for Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector (AODV) routing protocol. We are using weight hop based scheduling for AODV(More)
Low cost energy-efficient (power based) routing protocols of mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) increase the lifetime of static networks by using received signal strength (RSS) and battery power status (PS). They require GPS service to find the exact location of mobile nodes. The GPS devices themselves consume power because they need excessive updates to find(More)
Mobility of nodes causes frequent link breaks and decreases the performance of routing protocols in Mobile Ad hoc Networks. Overhearing of packets can be used as a passive update mechanism for routing and alternate route tables. Hello messages are used to discover the new neighbor nodes and refresh the routing entries. Proper neighbor node selection by(More)
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