Dhiren Kumar Behera

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Inter-vehicle communication is a promising way to share and disseminate real-time and nearby safety information on the road. Scalability of vehicular ad hoc network is one of the decisive matters for a network designer, which can be solved by clustering. In this paper, as our first algorithm an attempt has been made to create clusters by considering(More)
The recent deployment of complex and capital intensive equipment in mines has resulted in increased interest in the maintenance and operational reliability of these equipments. This is because random equipment failure has consequences that influence the total operating cost of this system. This case study analyses the reliability of a fleet of load haul(More)
Wind turbines work by converting the kinetic energy in the wind first into rotational kinetic energy in the turbine and then electrical energy that can be supplied. The energy available for conversion mainly depends on the wind speed and the swept area of the turbine. A 1kW @ 11m/s, 1 meter diameter wind turbine designed with the support of software. The(More)
Reliability analysis for Gas turbine power plant over a period of 66-month was carried out. The most important failure modes units were identified and the descriptive statistics at failure and machine level were calculated. Several theoretical distributions were applied and best fit of failure data was identified. The reliability and hazard rate models of(More)
Plant has option either to keep one unit as stand by or two units as stand by or running all the units Parallaly. The component Performances are also determined by this way and one can have option how to run the plant in most efficient way. I. INTRODUCTION In any real-life situation, the operation of a repairable system, consisting of a number of subsystems(More)
Wind is one of the cheapest and widely source of alternative energy. To convert it into electrical energy a wind turbine with generator is used but to properly convert this wind energy into electrical energy proper design of wind turbine is needed. In this paper we presents a genetic algorithm based optimization technique for the estimation of wind turbine(More)
The unexpected failures, the down time associated with such failures, the loss of production and, the higher maintenance costs are major problems in any power plant. Risk-based maintenance (RBM) approach helps in designing an alternative strategy to minimize the risk resulting from breakdowns or failures. The RBM methodology is comprised of four modules:(More)