Dhiraj U. Patil

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The system of rice intensification (SRI) reportedly enhances yield with less water requirement. This claim was investigated to determine the effects of alternative cultivation methods and water regimes on crop growth and physiological performance. Treatment combinations compared SRI with the conventional transplanting system (CTS) using standard practices,(More)
It has been estimated that more than 80 percent of all the computer programming is database related. Studies have shown that the vast majority of the content in the WWW resides in the deep web sources which store their content in backend databases which have been growing by leaps and bounds. Due to its great importance for database applications database(More)
In country like India where an amount of precipitation is limited to specific period (monsoon season) and if not utilized, water becomes a scary resource. At this same time the present statistics about the average water table in the country indicates a rapid fall in the level. There is an immense need to make a proper utilization of water and increase in(More)
CONTEXT Asthma is multifaceted disease where many targets contribute towards its development and progression. Among these, adenosine receptor subtypes play a major role. OBJECTIVE MCD-KV-10, a novel thiazolo-thiophene was designed and evaluated pre-clinically for its implication in management of asthma. MATERIALS AND METHODS This compound showed good(More)
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