Dhiraj Joshi

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Due to an increasing interest in solving real-world optimization problems using evolutionary algorithms (EAs), researchers have developed a number of real-parameter genetic algorithms (GAs) in the recent past. In such studies, the main research effort is spent on developing an efficient recombina-tion operator. Such recombination operators use probability(More)
Geotagging has become a recent phenomenon that allows users to visualize and manage photo collections in many new and interesting ways. Unfortunately, manual geotagging of a large collection of pictures on the globe is still a time-consuming and laborious task even though geotagging devices are gradually being adopted. At the same time, there exist billions(More)
The ubiquitous presence of cameras and camera networks needs the development of robust visual analytics algorithms. As the building block of many video surveillance tasks, a robust visual tracking algorithm plays an important role in achieving the goal of automatic and robust surveillance. In order to maintain a persistent tracking of objects, it is(More)
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