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BACKGROUND Many surveys throughout the world have evaluated the smoking behaviors, beliefs, and attitudes of medical students, but no information is available from Albania. METHOD A cross-sectional survey in classroom settings using a self-administered questionnaire was performed at the University of Tirana during October 2000. RESULTS In the first and(More)
Methods From October 2005 to October 2012, 13 cases were observed in the same center. Biliptysis was the main symptom in 80% of cases. The diagnosis was based on chest radiography ,thoracic and abdominal CT and abdominal ultrasonography, fibrobronchoscopy; all examinations visualised the cyst, intrathoracic collections, a diaphragmatic breach and biliary(More)
Methods A 51 year old female non-smoker, who had high blood pressure, was diagnosed with left lobe liver abscess, was suspicioned as carcinoma of pancreatic head. Definitive diagnosis was liver abscess and basal right lung node. Additional thoracic tests included a CT without contrast showing a node in the right lung inferior lobe, measuring 4x3 cm in(More)
different from frontline therapy. We analyzed safety and tolerability as well as number of Bev cycles given to these cohort. Results: Nine pts received C/P/Bev and 3 pts received C/Pem/Bev followed by maintenance (MTX) Bev. Median age was 77 years old (range, 75–82); 9 (75%) pts were female; all pts had adenocarcinoma histology. Most common AEs were:(More)
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