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Different facial feature extraction schemes are available in face recognition literature where the face is cropped and feature points are extracted using mathematical formulae along with probabilistic distance measure between major feature points. In most of the cases the face cropping is done manually and the formulae for extracting a feature point are(More)
Multimodal biometrics has gained interest in the recent past due to its improved recognition rate over unibiometric and unimodal systems. Fusion at feature level is considered here for the purpose of recognition. The biometrics considered for fusion are face and iris. Here, new face images along with iris images are generated, and they are included in the(More)
Biometric recognition techniques attracted the researchers for the last two decades due to their many applications in the field of security. In recent times multimodal biometrics have been found to perform better, in several aspects, over unimodal biometrics. The classical approach for recognition is based on dissimilarity measure and for the sake of proper(More)
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