Dhiah Al-Shammary

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The Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) is an XML based protocol that is widely used over the Internet as it supports interoperability by establishing access among Web servers and clients from the same or different platforms. However, SOAP Web services suffer the bottlenecks and congestions as a result of Web messages being bigger than the real payload in(More)
The interoperability of Web services has resulted in its adoption for recently-emerging cloud platforms. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is considered as the main platform independent communication tool for the Cloud Web service. Generally, Cloud Web services suffer performance bottlenecks and congestions that are mainly caused by the encoding of XML(More)
SOAP Web services create high network traffic because of its generated large XML messages resulting in poor network performance. Therefore, enhancing the performance of Web services by compressing SOAP messages is considered to be an important issue. Compression ratios achieved by most of the existing techniques and tools are not high enough, and even a(More)
In Wireless tele-cardiology applications, ECG signal is widely used to monitor cardiac activities of patients. Accordingly, in most e-health applications, ECG signals need to be combined with patient confidential information. Data hiding and watermarking techniques can play a crucial role in ECG wireless tele-monitoring systems by combining the confidential(More)
Many organizations such as hospitals have adopted Cloud Web services in applying their network services to avoid investing heavily computing infrastructure. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is the basic communication protocol of Cloud Web services that is XML based protocol. Generally,Web services often suffer congestions and bottlenecks as a result of(More)
Most organizations exchange, collect, store and process data over the Internet. Many hospital networks deploy Web services to send and receive patient information. SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is the most usable communication protocol for Web services. XML is the standard encoding language of SOAP messages. However, the major drawback of XML(More)
The adoption of Web Services has increased tremendously by many network organizations. Although Web services as XML-based network applications provide significant advantages over other communication technologies in terms of interoperability and dynamic scalability, they suffer from congestion and bottlenecks as a result of the large demand and large XML(More)