Dheerendra Yadav

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Dronpa is a photochromic green fluorescent protein (GFP) homologue used as a probe in super-resolution microscopy. It is known that the photochromic reaction involves cis/trans isomerization of the chromophore and protonation/deprotonation of its phenol group, but the sequence in time of the two steps and their characteristic time scales are still the(More)
Conjugated polymers (CPs) are promising materials for fluorescence imaging application. However, a significant problem in this field is the unexplained abnormally low fluorescence brightness (or number of fluorescence photons detected per one excitation photon) exhibited by most of CP single chains in solid polymer hosts. Here it is shown that this(More)
Two-dimensional polarization fluorescence imaging of single light harvesting complexes 2 (LH2) of Rps. acidophila was carried out to investigate the polarization properties of excitation and fluorescence emission simultaneously, at room temperature. In two separate experiments we excited LH2 with a spectrally narrow laser line matched to the absorption(More)
The competition between excited-state proton transfer (ESPT) and torsion plays a central role in the photophysics of fluorescent proteins of the green fluorescent protein (GFP) family and their chromophores. Here, it was investigated in a single GFP chromophore analogue bearing o-hydroxy and p-diethylamino substituents, OHIM. The light-induced dynamics of(More)
This paper is a design and implementation of a monitoring and control system for industrial mixer using PLC .This mixer used for an effective, reliable and highly flexible method for the control of processes within an Industrial environment. The objective of this study is to simulate the control an industrial mixer and by doing this we can develop a program(More)
Protein is a flexible material with broad distribution of conformations forming an energy landscape of quasi-stationary states. Disentangling the system dynamics along this landscape is the key for understanding the functioning of the protein. Here we studied a photosynthetic antenna pigment-protein complex LH2 with single molecule two-dimensional(More)
We investigate the effect of cetyl-trimethyl-ammonium-bromides (CTAB) concentration on the fluorescence of Rhodamine-6G in water. This spectroscopic study of Rhodamine-6G in presence of CTAB was performed using two-photon-induced-fluorescence at 780 nm wavelength using high repetition rate femtosecond laser pulses. We report an increment of ∼10 % in the(More)
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