Dheeraj Khurana

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Acute organophosphate (OP) poisoning is one of the most common poisonings in emergency medicine and toxicological practice in some of the less-developed nations in South Asia. Traditionally, OP poisoning comes under the domain of emergency physicians, internists, intensivists, and toxicologists. However, some of the complications following OP poisoning are(More)
Emotional facial palsy (EFP) commonly results from anterolateral thalamic or striatocapsular infarcts. Its occurrence in brainstem lesions is uncommon, with previously reported cases being restricted to superior cerebellar artery infarction (3 cases). We report an unusual case of EFP ipsilateral to an anterior inferior cerebellar artery infarction, which(More)
BACKGROUND In patients with multiple sclerosis (MS), transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) has shown significant prolongation of central motor conduction time (CMCT). Abnormal CMCT may reflect sub-clinical involvement of motor pathways and correlate with clinical motor disability. OBJECTIVE To determine the diagnostic yield of TMS in MS and the possible(More)
A 27-year-old man, recent visitor to the Middle East, presented with 6-week history of fever (up to 102°F) followed by altered behavior and left hemiparesis. CSF was acellular with raised protein (138 mg/dL). CSF bacterial culture was sterile; adenosine deaminase normal (3 U/L); cryptococcal antigen, Venereal Disease Research Laboratory test, and Japanese B(More)
BACKGROUND Although systemic endothelial function is unimpaired in migraine, it is unknown whether cerebral endothelial function impairment exists in migraineurs. MATERIALS AND METHODS We conducted a prospective study to assess endothelial function in migraineurs (n=45) and healthy volunteers (n=44). Cerebral endothelial function was assessed by Breath(More)
Neurolymphomatosis, defined as invasion of cranial nerves and peripheral nerve roots, plexus or nerves by Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma is a very rare clinical entity. We describe a case of 69 years old gentleman, who presented to us with asymmetric, painful sensorimotor polyneuropathy. He was admitted with 2 months history of dry cough, constitutional symptoms,(More)
Objective: To evaluate the effects of oral delayed-release dimethyl fumarate (DMF; also known as gastro-resistant DMF) on MRI lesion activity and load, atrophy, and magnetization transfer ratio (MTR) measures from the Comparator and an Oral Fumarate in Relapsing-Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (CONFIRM) study. Methods: CONFIRM was a 2-year, placebo-controlled(More)
Brucellosis remains an important public health problem especially in the underdeveloped countries as well as the Middle East. It may be a "master mimic" leading on to grave diagnostic dilemmas. Chronic neurobrucellosis is seldom associated with signs and symptoms of toxaemia due to multi organ dysfunction. We report the case of a 23-year-old man who(More)