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Research on plants for fertility regulation in India.
This present review of Indian plants investigated for fertility regulation includes published literature of the country and unpublished data of the Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) located inExpand
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Hepatoprotective Activity of Ricinus communis Leaves
AbstractRicinus communis (leaf extract) was evaluated for hepatoprotective, choleretic and anticholestatic activity. In a preliminary test with albino rats, an ethanol extract showed significantExpand
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Acute toxicity and pharmacology of β-human chorionic gonadotrophin conjugated tetanus toxoid (Pr-β-HCG-TT)
Abstract Acute toxicity studies (7 days) with tetanus toxoid (TT) in alum + sesame oil (vehicle) and TT conjugated with β-HCG in alum + sesame oil (HCG-TT) in mice and rats indicate that the vehicleExpand
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Inhibition by alpha-methylnoradrenaline of central vasomotor loci in cat
Summary Effect of α-methylnoradrenaline (α-MNA) on the hypothalamic, medullary and spinal vasomotor loci in anaesthetised cats was studied. α-MNA (2–10 μg icv or 0.5–1.0% topical) inhibited theExpand
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Pharmacological investigations on asclepin--a new cardenolide from Asclepius curassavica. Part I: Cardiotonic activity and acute toxicity.
3'-O-Acetylcalotropin (asclepin), a new glycoside was evaluated for its cardiotonic activity by various in vitro and in vivo procedures in cat, guinea pig, dog, monkey, pigeon and mouse. It was foundExpand
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Morphine-like activity of hydrazide derivatives of [D-Ala2, Met5]-enkephalin
Three Met-enkephalin hydrazide derivatives were synthesised and evaluated for opioid activity in guinea-pig ileum (GPI) and mouse vas deferens (MVD) preparations and in the hot plate analgesia test
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Evaluation of Antiurolithiatic Activity of Tribulus Terrestris
AbstractTribulus Terrestris (Fruit) Has Been Used Widely In The Ayurvedic System Of Medicine For The Treatment Of Various Urinary Disorders Including Urolithiasis. In Order To Evaluate TheExpand
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