Dhavleesh Rattan

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This paper is a survey of the work, done for making an IDS fault tolerant. IDS are prone to various attacks and it becomes the natural primary target of hostile attacks with the aim of disabling the detection feature and allowing an attacker to operate without being detected. This paper suggests that intrusion detection system (IDS) must be fault tolerant;(More)
Automatic Speech segmentation is one of the foremost important field for controlling the simulation of speech without intervening of human being. Segmenting the continuous speech signal according to the phonetic transcription is a fundamental task in any voice activated system. Manual segmentation is tedious, time consuming and error prone. Automatic(More)
Proliferation of heterogeneous network systems and increasing usage of Internet makes network security issue to be more and more important. Intrusion detection systems (IDS) are increasingly a key part of system defense, often operating under a high level of privilege to achieve their purposes. In accordance with the increasing importance of intrusion(More)
A code clone is a code fragment that is similar or identical to other code fragments in the source code. Code clones generally occurs in large systems and affects the system maintenance and quality. Removing clones is one way to avoid problems that occur due to the presence of code clones. Clone detection techniques using software metrics provides less(More)
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