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Early failure caused by wear of the polyethylene bearing surface of a metal-backed tibial platform or a metal-backed patellar component in a total knee prosthesis has been a recognized complication; patients with these problems initially have pain and instability. A patient who had a cystic mass in the distal thigh was evaluated, and osteolysis of the(More)
Spinal column injuries to the thoracolumbar region are common and leave one fifth of patients with neurological deficit. The authors describe a case of complete fracture-dislocation at lumbar 1-2 level with paraplegia. They detail their surgical technique for reduction, stabilization, and fusion using pedicle screws and plates. Surgical management of such(More)
Congenital deformities occur in approximately 1% of all live births. The exact incidence of congenital foot deformities is unknown. The presence of a circumferential nail of the toe is a very rare deformity. In our review of the literature, we have encountered only two previously reported cases of circumferential toenails. In these cases the patients were(More)
Despite advancement in the knowledge and understanding of talar neck fracture biomechanics and refined techniques of treatment, a significant number of patients with these fractures have long term complications. Anatomic reduction is the goal in all situations where possible. Careful follow-up of patients is mandatory to prevent unrecognized displacement of(More)
Abstract— Innovations of smart phones have made this era as an era of smart devices. People are using smart phones more than any other device / tool in their day-to-day life. Since, android entered to this market, use of wearable devices became possible technically and economically. These days, wearable devices like wrist band, earring, smart watch, smart(More)
Hyperparathyroidism is commonly seen in patients with end-stage renal disease and less commonly in the primary form. The skeletal manifestations of hyperparathyroidism are the same in both forms and are well described in the literature. We treated a patient from each category. Multiple bony lesions and pathologic fractures were observed. The clinical(More)
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